Our Walnut Creek Store is Closing

We regret to announce the closing of our

Walnut Creek location January 20th.

 To our valued Encore customers:

We will continue to offer our service to you and your studios and schools from our Dublin location.

We will come to your studio for group shoe fittings on request and ship out products to you as well. We will not have an “online store” but we are available in person by phone for orders or appointments for fittings.

We have so many wonderful loyal customers who have patronized our Walnut Creek store for the last 20 years. We can’t thank you all enough for your patronage and friendship.

Regrettably there are no longer enough sales to support the expense of providing the store. We are saddened to have to close and all that goes with it. We will miss our loyal customers and our staff in Walnut Creek.

Thank you again for your patronage. We await you in our Dublin location. At the right times of day it’s not a bad drive. We ask for your support for our remaining Dublin store so we can continue to fit shoes and help the dance and theater community. Please make your purchases with us, encourage your dance teacher to recommend the store rather than an online site, and bring us your group orders.

Best regards to all of you and our wonderful staff.

Ed and Merry. (no, not a giant corporation…just us).